Premier Zal – a first header to the Savior, the 1-2 West Brom 4 victorious.

Premier Zal – a first header to the Savior, the 1-2 West Brom 4 victorious. Phoenix sports news Beijing November 17, 23, the 2012-13 season in the Premier League the 12th round of a focus of World War II at the hawthorns in battle and Chelsea away game to challenge the West Bromwich Albion, culminating in the blues away 1 than 2 defeat to West Bromwich Albion, Sean – Ron was the first to break, Azar vocational career first grain equalised header, Odemwingie connected Shane long pass header counter ultra score, Chelsea 4 wheel greatly, be Manchester City fell 4 points. From West Brom in the 2002-03 season first promoted to the Premiership after Chelsea a total of opponents and had 12 meetings, blues 11 wins and 1 negative occupy an absolute advantage, but only a defeat will happen at the end of last season to the hawthorns, when the blues 1-0 negative. Chelsea recently three rounds of League 2 flat 1 negative winless, for the next week in the Champions League qualifying a key battle, di Matteo round against Chelsea squad of large rotation, Mata, Oscar, Ramires who sat on the bench. The 3rd minute, Sturridge shot wide; 7 minutes, after Moses left penetrates the forbidden area low, Bertrand shot was ridgeville line at the door blocked; only the opening 10 minutes, West Bromwich Albion to break the deadlock, Morrison the restricted area on the left side of the inward, Shane long throw off Louis defensive diving red top break, West Bromwich Albion 1-0 to Chelsea. 22 minutes, after Moses left the ball inscribed hit the door was blocked by a defender, the 32nd minute, Sturridge in the restricted area before the ejection was confiscated myhill; 33 minutes. Shane long area Qiangdian hit the door by Cech. The 36th minute, Shane long lateral the ball, defensive Cahill crowded open, restricted line strongly oblique, the ball in the column bottom; 38 minutes, Chelsea will tie the score, azpilicueta right swing right foot passes a ball to the point after, the adzharian heading play in goal on the square on the right side of the guard Billy Jones drilling, ratio of 1 to 1, which is hazard scored 3 league goals. The first half of the match Chelsea 12 times hit the door 7 times is hit, scoring a goal; West Brom three shot two shoot, harvest also a grain of goal. Both sides with the score of 1 into the second half. The second half of the match, Chelsea took the lead, forty-seventh minutes, Mose small restricted area on the right side of the cross, West Brom defender siege mistakes, Sturidge got the ball after the turn left foot volley saved by Masil; fiftieth minutes, Si Brown Vecchi will score more than once again, Sean long no defense restricted area on the right under the condition of the ball, before Odemwingie header nets, 2 more than 1; sixty-second minutes, Chelsea to make personnel adjustments, O Zal for Romeu, Mata Mata Torres; sixty-fourth minutes, cross restricted, Sturidge offside single form, and when the attack but was saved by goalkeeper Masil Si Brown Vecchi; seventy-seventh minutes, Mata zhisai Sturidge, a ball into the box the single form, but by the magic of Masil solution; eighty-fourth minutes, Zal in the restricted area of a chesting half turn and volley was Masil get; eighty-sixth minutes, Oscar in the restricted area right foot instep ball to Sturidge, who shot the sliding door and. Eventually, Chelsea away

The first half of 3 fell into Su God diving controversy, numerous criminal record to judge Bo sympat

The first half of 3 fell into Su God diving controversy, numerous criminal record to judge Bo sympathy. 22:00 Beijing time on October 20 evening kick-off the Premier League the 8th round of a competition, Liverpool home 1-0 victory over reading, red army generals striker Suarez although 1 goal assists, but half buckteeth Su once again plunged into diving controversy, even when midfielder exit and the other the vehement quarrel in, the mood of the second half by Suarez had to kill the ball missed a series. Premiership Round 7 Liverpool 0-0 draw with Stoke game, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in the restricted area of the display exaggerated diving performances, the referee to recognize without penalty. Suarez after the game the diving behavior caused an uproar, Suarez is caused by the British media condemn it in speech and writing, in initiated by "the sun signs up for" the Premier League diving King voting activities, Suarez votes is elected. A week ago, Suarez furuan said to get rid of the diving bad habits. However, his past misdeeds stained so that the referee is difficult without glasses treats his field behavior. In the first half of the match, Suarez’s in very good form, several of his breakthrough also attracted applause of the Anfield crowd, match the first 28 minutes, Liverpool teenager Stirling to break the deadlock, for he sent assists is Suarez, Suarez outside the box pick wonderful in every particular, Stirling’s shot nature is ripe. Race, however, the 37 minutes, Suarez’s first issue appeared, after he received a Steven Gerrard in the frontier closed area to pass a ball to the ground and slow motion display reading player really kicked Sue God, but gorkss obviously to the referee penalty is extremely dissatisfied with, he thinks Suarez has suspicion of diving. After 4 minutes, Suarez again on the other side of the frontier closed area fell to the ground, this time Suarez also didn’t dive, but the referee this time no perspicacious. First half stoppage time, Suarez in the area of the right side of the right rib breakthrough again fell, once unable to get up, slow camera shows the other players hook down to him, but the referee still does not have any representation, which makes it clear that the fans in the stands are quite upset, and even fans excited waving fists for Suarez. It is worth mentioning is that after the end of the half court game, Suarez is still limping, showing the other side has a foul. However, reading player still to Suarez bricks, the two sides once occurred fierce quarrel, looks Suarez diving Prince’s hat is difficult to in a short period of time to remove, and Premier League referee also tend to Suarez have fear, after all his diving is the name, which also caused the referee for Suarez repeatedly violated turned a blind eye, bucktooth Su Xianran for their past deeds of the bill. After quarrel midfielder Luis Suarez in the second half to get lost, he missed a series of the opportunity to kill 4 times, although Liverpool 1-0 wins but Suarez, who apparently emotionally affected, diving aftermath continues. (CAT)

50 minutes 3 ball reversal is united, the Red Devils engraved 99 classic crown three.

50 minutes 3 ball reversal is united, the Red Devils engraved 99 classic crown three. 23 war 14 wins 5 flat 4 negative, this is the overall record against Portugal team Manchester United before the game against braga. At Old Trafford, Manchester United’s record is 8 victories and three flat to stay unbeaten, all the signs are that, Manchester United in this field with Braga should is not difficult, but as Manchester United this season that has consistently shown that and opening backward, and breathtaking reversal! It’s just that: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! After less than 2 minutes, Braga gave United a head-on blow. This is Manchester United this season 12 games in all competitions, the 8th conceded the first goal, but in the previous seven times, five times Manchester United will win a reversal, 4 games in which the league, Champions League 1 field, so although the first lost the ball, but the Old Trafford crowd not worried because they seem to have been accustomed to. However, Braga’s twentieth minute goal really let the audience feel worried. 20 minutes lost 2 balls, lost and muddleheaded, no matter how it all is not a good sign. But it might be several times this season to win a reversal has let Manchester United player accumulates enough confidence, in the first half with Hernandez’s goal pulled after 1 minute, in the second half and with Evans melee score and small pea may open second degree to realize 3-2 reversal. 50 minutes even pull 3 balls! This is Manchester United this season to reverse the tournament sixth times to win, the League 4 times to get back to 12 points, and this is their fourth times this season to play 2 more than 3 such a high score. The audience of more than 7 fans at Old Trafford, once again united bloody reverse One’s blood boils with indignation! In fact, such a big reversal in the Champions League is not easy for Manchester United, Manchester United in the 2 ball behind the case only in the Champions League reversed to win 1 times, and that is the April 1999 Champions League semi-final second leg of the game against juventus. Bilateral first round fights 1 than 1, the second round Juve with Inzaghi’s two goals in a 2-0 lead in be eliminated on the edge of the Manchester United Jedi, Captain Kean first offensive team sounded the clarion call, then heifengshuangsha York and Cole were goals, Manchester United away 3 than 2 win breathtaking finals. It can be said that without the reverse, there is no Manchester United in the 1999 Champions League final the magic to the ratio of 2 to 1, there would be no United’s treble legend! 13 years later, Manchester United once again to achieve a big reversal of 2 goals and then pull 3 ball again! Last season, Manchester United in the group stage was a humiliating eliminated, and this season, Manchester United to stage a comeback of has in the group made three straight outlet in sight. Despite the passage of time, opponents also cannot be mentioned in the same breath, but copy 13 years ago the magic will undoubtedly bring more confidence to Manchester united. 99 years after the completion of the 3 reversal of 2, Manchester United won the Champions League in the season, 13 years later, the United will come up with what kind of performance? Let’s wait and see!

Serie a goal – Vidal defender header, Juventus 2-0 7 game winning streak.

Serie a goal – Vidal defender header, Juventus 2-0 7 game winning streak. Phoenix sports news Beijing time in December 7th at 3:45 in the morning, the fifteenth round of the Serie A games, defending champion Juventus against Bologna. In the first half, Vidal to help Juventus to break the deadlock; offensive in the second half wins the visiting team in the final by Chiellini header locks the victory. Finally, Juventus win 2-0 in Boluni Asia, continues to lead the standings at the 7 league wins the case. From the historical record, the two teams in the League played a total of 134 times, 64 wins, 23 wins and 47 square. Even in the home, 27 wins 22 flat 18 negative still has advantages. Before the war, Juve have remained six game winning streak, in one fell swoop anti Roman regain the scoreboard first place position; and Bologna 2 wins, 6 draws and 6 negative the relegation circle. The strength of the two teams have a big gap, Bologna can only look forward to the old woman to make mistakes. From the point of view of the starting line-up, Bologna, headlining the gold left Diamanti and existing main full episode; Juventus. After Pirlo wounds to stop short of Marchisio To. In order to to next week’s Champions League season finale to stay in power, the beast with a lion’s strike partner change into the Wu Qi Nicky with Quagliarella. 5 minutes before the opening, Juventus repeatedly tried to penetrate the middle of the road, but did not get a chance to shoot. Sixth minutes, Quagliarella outside the restricted area outside of the shot and the high beam. The 12 minutes, Juve houchangchangzhuan, Marchisio thrust back the shot was blocked by a defender, but the second attack, Peluso pick successfully find a restricted area on the right side of unattended anti Vidal, who easily will ball into the door, 1-0, Juventus away xianbatouchou. Seventeenth minutes, Quagliarella big area of the area shot by the other side guard with the body to block the bottom line. 25 minutes, Diamante left foot free kick by Buffon struggling. 38 minutes, Vucinic was injured Llorente benched in advance. 42 minutes, back in the back of the area of the restricted area of the Quagliarella penalty area, the goal is to block the bottom line. 47 minutes, in front of the open space sloshing Llorente, follow up the top of the arc area than the shot missed the right post. In the first half, Juventus away to 1-0 to stay ahead. 49 minutes, the opportunity to fight back, left Marchisio directly into the restricted area arc ball shot missed the target. 60 minutes, line of area Llorente to try long shots, flying goalkeeper saved the ball. 68 minutes, Asamoah inside the area shot, but unfortunately offside goal was disallowed. 72 minutes, Tevez won the best single opportunity, the body will use the ball out on the ground but the other goalkeeper ahead of the attack outside the area. After 1 minutes, Bologna counterattack, Bianchi right into the restricted area shot just wide of the far post. 79 minutes, Llorente chest the ball, Marchisio shot inside the area by goalkeeper out of the bottom line. 86 minutes, Tevez connection Llorente, but the latter goalkeeper blocked out highly enough to move. 89 minutes, Tevez left front corner into the restricted area, before Chiellini shook his head nodded, ball goalkeeper was met but still flying into the near angle above. Finally, Juventus 2-0 victory. Two pull

Messi played the worst game of the season, the 5 failure of the audience without a shot.

Messi played the worst game of the season, the 5 failure of the audience without a shot. The OTC fans pray don’t Messi goal Phoenix sports news at the final whistle, AC Milan home 2-0 Liqin Barcelona, Messi lonely is in his portrayal of the 90 minutes of the game. Game. Lionel Messi without the opportunity to speak, the eight extraordinary failed 5 times and 2 shots all wide and is only once in the AC Milan in the restricted area to touch the ball, today’s football first comprehensive is limited, to produce a bad answer. The game has not started, about how to stop Messi will become the core topic of the Milan team AC. After all, in the past 14 rounds of the Spanish League,
Manchester City Soccer Jersey, Messi field goal and scored 24 goals,
Liverpool Soccer Jersey, the flea’s performance is quite shocking. Capello, legend have ideas, and fans continue to debate, the Italian media is with a pair of swing bus retreating defense comic to express the Macy’s tough defense. AC Milan veteran learning the last season Chelsea out of Barcelona’s experience, to accumulation of a large number of troops in the backcourt, opportunistic defensive back, and this tactic again let Messi is very awkward, game due to in the center position can’t get to the ball, frequently move to the right side of the road or in the centre of midfield, he was completely Allegri tactics out of the danger zone can be said the game, Messi is for even their positions are not able to stand up. Although in control of the game most of the time the initiative, but Barcelona lost Messi this sword, empty rate of the ball is futile and 90 minutes of scenes of a rare ugly. Messi only few appearance once in the first 10 minutes, the flea by AC Milan defender away from the door 18 meters left foot shot was Zapata shut out the bottom line. Once in the 25th minute, midfielder Massimo Ambrosini passing errors, Mexes was forced to Macy tipped, Scottish referee Thomson flashed the first yellow card. Once in sixty-third minutes, Messi right away from the door 28 meters away from the left foot free kick. In addition, Messi more time is looking for cooperation with teammates, almost no opportunity to the color, so mediocre performance of rare. After the data from the point of view, Messi the whole try 8 dribbles, only three successful, 37.5% success rate also shows the Milan defender does not fear the today’s football first, two shots without a hit within the goal range. Messi was estimated 1.2 million euros price is only once in the AC Milan in the restricted area to touch the ball, defeat in the team worth a total of only 2.103 billion euros in AC Milan, and defensive his players are almost always below the level of tens of millions of players, and not a world-class defender, visible Messi is beaten down the overall tactical AC Milan. This is Messi the worst of the season, but this is a long way to go, and the text of the Messi, the same as the Italy style intensive defense. Since 2009 six crown reputation after the peak, Messi is the world’s defensive problems. In the Champions League is the perfect limit for him, one is from the Premier League, the other is Milan City, another team, the international Milan. 2009 season, Messi in the semi-finals of the Champions League is Chelsea full restrictions, fortunately Iniesta’s wonder goal promotion; the 2010 season, Inter Milan’s defence and to the rest of the world how to defend Messi a lesson.

Ibrahimovic no I will be lower in Serie A, Paris, the strength of the whole of Europe before five.

Ibrahimovic: no I will be lower in Serie A, Paris, the strength of the whole of Europe before five. Beijing time on July 18th, Ibrhimovic finally to 20000000 euros to move to Paris Saint germain. The transfer has also made him the most expensive player in football history. After the morning routine physical examination, Paris Saint Germain official announced Ibra joined the news, and he held a press conference. Ibrahimovic gambit is to apologize at the beginning: I’m sorry I was late for two days, I have to thank the Paris Saint Germain for everything I do, they make the impossible things become possible. I am very happy, will eventually become a member of the Paris Saint germain. After all the negotiations, the ultimate dream come true. I am happy with the club and his fans, they have a very interesting plan, and I want to be part of the plan. Before I really can not confirm whether to join Paris, but now I think we can work together in this great project to create history, we will get the trophy and be happy. When it comes to the old master AC Milan, Ibrhimovic said: "I am very happy in AC Milan, I will always have a good memory. They always help me,
Athletic Bilbao Soccer Jersey, give me a lot, and support me with a smile. And I have been on the field to do my best for AC Milan to contribute. I have a positive view of this Milan trip, even without me, they would be a great team. When I told you that I was telling the truth when I was in the final contract with AC Milan. But unfortunately it all happened, and now I don’t want to look back, I just want to do what I do now. I wish AC Milan all good luck, they are successful in the team before I joined, and then they will continue to succeed. When it comes to the relationship with AC Milan coach Ibra, Allegri said: "no one in AC Milan can influence my decision. I’m here to make the decision.". This is a new chapter in my life, I will try my best to win. When it comes to the future, Ibrahimovic is very optimistic: I want to be a member of this great plan, we are a dream team, there are a lot of great players, for example and I joined Thiago Silva, he in defensive line sits, I would feel very safe. And when it comes to New Paris Saint Germain, Ibrahim said: now and we have the same level of team is not a lot, we probably are the top 5 in Europe and even in the first three level, but we must rushed out of the tight encirclement to play the game. And all of this is the plan of opening Paris Saint Germain mission, the French league is very important, I came here to win. We are a fantastic team, not only in France, but also in Europe. Talking about the last few days, Ibrahimovic is some helpless: when Paris Saint Germain with AC Milan and my agent when I knew soon move will be completed,
Manchester City Soccer Jersey, because only some of the details. I would like to go to Ibiza to relax, but a lot of reporters follow me. But I’m used to it, because it’s not a bad situation worse than when I was in Barcelona. Anyway, I just want to play football. Talking about yourself in Paris in number, Ibrahimovic is very easy-going: we.

The exposure to leave Milan or Maldini alaigeli, into the upper stability.

The exposure to leave Milan or Maldini alaigeli, into the upper stability. According to the Italian media, "news" revealed that Milan Champions League opener against an Anderlecht let owner Silvio Berlusconi furious, but Berlusconi furious results is Allegri roll to pack up and leave? Milan vice president Adriano Galliani gave a negative answer, and "Milan news" is revealed Allegri is expected to at least stay until early October, that after playing the first leg of the season Milan derby. The "Rome sports daily" also reported the Rossoneri will return to the old captain Maldini to stabilize the morale of the news. Told the Corriere della Sera, Milan vice president Adriano Galliani denied against Udinese will is Allegri Doomsday Argument, he said: We of Allegri’s trust will not disappear at Udinese, I already know Berlusconi 33 years, I never distorted meant he could. Of course, if the team suffered a ten game losing streak, any coach will probably jeopardy, but obviously, we don’t also don’t want appear this kind of circumstance. And 20 at noon local time in Italy, Adriano Galliani also went to Milanello, and the team lunch, apparently hoping to appease the Allegri. "Milan news" and "mediaset" two media are optimistic about Allegri will get more time to save themselves, said to be more specific, is that you can stay up to October 7, the international competition began on before, because Milan will also have a longer period of time to consider whether to invite which coach took the mess left by Allegri. This means, Allegri will lead Milan to play the next five games, respectively is League against Udinese, Cagliari, Parma and Inter Milan, plus the Champions League group match second round with Zenit St Petersburg contest. When it comes to Zenit, would have to mention their coach Luciano Spalletti, the former Roma Marshal landing in Russia in the first quarter, he led the team won the league and cup double winners, he is already Milan Xuanshuai list of popular characters; except, handsome and always called Guardiola Milan dream, "Milan Sports Newspaper" refers to the new candidate is Italy U21 national team coach de Weiss Mann Phrygia and the former Palermo coach is equally optimistic about the white the Rossoneri. , of course, for Milan, if looking for interim coach, their choice is still the best and cheap, Mauro Tassotti Inzaghi + combination of the most promising, and former star defender Alessandro Costacurta was also considered to be suitable candidates. In the analysis of Milan this season when the cause, the majority of Italy media have referred to the Rossoneri the biggest problem at the psychological level. Milan is planning for the players back to a psychiatrist, his name is Paul Maldini. News from the "Rome sports daily," said, Milan directors has considering the Rossoneri flags is invited to come back into the team, using the extraordinary personality charm and prestige in the team, responsible for coaching and locker room communication liaison work, help the players as soon as possible to adjust the good state. Actually as early as the beginning of this year, Paolo Maldini in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed in recent years, Leonardo, Allegri and numerous Milan veteran have and he had communication, hope he can return to the Rossoneri, but the club has been slow.

Ranieri wrong letter a man make inter change, Mr. Big joke!.

Ranieri wrong letter a man make inter change, Mr. Big joke!. Despite being replaced in the inter – with the game against Ranieri, he refused to shake hands with Ranieri, despite his refusal to replace the bench against the Atlanta Games, but Fran was the first place in the national derby and to make him a striker, not an unfamiliar. Perhaps Ranieri would like to use this to prove to the fans that he has no contradiction with Fran, but even so, Fran is still the most headache problem inter. See more Sohu sports Serie A News & gt; & gt; previously the Italian media gave the Nerazzurri forget a sum of economic accounts, inter to introduce frost orchid the 500 million transfer fee, in addition to the payment to him up to 700 million euro pretax salary, and in return Fran only scored two goals, quite to rally up 600 million! Joined Inter Milan last summer, Fran, from the official website of the blue black corps of the Uruguayan high-profile reports can be seen Inter Milan for the Ballon d’Or responded with ultra high expectations. But now looking back, this transaction is a complete joke, from the European crown can not come to the beginning of the low-level mistakes, the deal is bound to be a disaster. Comes back to the national Derby, Fran the color moment occurred in the 28 minute of the match, inter by Maicon starts out the corner kick, before the point of Fran shook his head nodded, however, was a divine help Buffon saved the ball. In addition in the 22nd minute Barzagli to protect the ball to Buffon had almost been Fran steals down to form a single, but Juve in front of the door is a god like Buffon; 37 minutes, inter back Fran clever heel knock to Milito, the latter dribbling is chielli Ni fell trip, just the referee did not any said. Fran’s performance was just limited to this, and then there was No. After the game, "inter news network" criticism of Fran, he is not forgotten in the second half? In fact, in the second half of the inter lost the ball Ranieri after another made two substitutions, the Faraoni for Obi is para substitution, while Pazzini for Polly became the downright flaw, because in the next game Forlan was retracement are frontal position into the attack, and with the inter news words the whole Inter are stupid out. In the inter after one after another in a 2-2 draw with Catania, 2-0 victory over Chievo and 2-1 win over Marseille after three consecutive scoring a small climax, the Nerazzurri once again plunged into scoring cycle. You have to attack is on the inter striker was criticized. If "Milito failed to break due to each other standing in front of a perfect Buffon, then substitute Pazzini’s debut performance even as Fran. Pacini in sixty-eighth minutes after the bench to get the last 25 minutes of playing time, but in this nearly half an hour, he was a total of only 3 feet touch the ball, and the ball is only 2 times, the number of shots is 0. "Inter news network" to Pacini helpless said: as usual, he has almost zero contact with the ball! A sentence as usual as the Pazzini consistently poor performance, Pazzini’s last league goals actually dates back to January 23 nations.

Milan victory provides a classic case, defending the earth mind the most important.

Milan victory provides a classic case, defending the earth mind the most important. Phoenix sports news Beijing time on February 21, AC Milan in the Champions League elimination race in the first round upset victory over Barcelona and win the defending the earth. The score of 2-0 even means Milan dominated the promotion of the road of the absolute initiative, Barcelona home only scored at least three goals to achieve comeback hopes. In the face of the world’s most powerful Barcelona played canzhen, Milan offers the most classic case The weak overcame the strong. In the face of Barcelona, Milan not only defending, but not hard not to know good from bad. Milan has the absolute advantage in the technology and tactics, and it is also the place where all the other teams are trying to beat Barcelona. Barcelona is strong, strong in control. This sentence is concise and comprehensive, but reflect the core point of barcelona. Barcelona are always able to play in the game to come up with the most powerful force, striker, midfielder and defender are all involved in a system, the ball at their feet smooth foot. Barcelona play a sense of oppression, the overall level of promotion is clear. A lot of teams in the past encounter with Barcelona, always not timid first game, match a shrinking turtle head play, the result is suppression of opponents in the first half and the area, little attention will concede that defeat. Also some of the more powerful team tries to head-on conquer Barcelona. They hope to midfield confrontation prevail, forced Barcelona on the defensive. But the fact is that most take the strategy team suffered a crushing defeat, many talented players Barcelona, Xavi, Iniesta and midfielder is passing like a scalpel, the Barcelona midfielder can easily break even tore the opponent’s line of defense, the outcome is self-evident. Last season, AC Milan to fight against Barcelona 4 times, although the result is not ideal for 2 square 2, but the scene, Milan still has a certain way to overcome the barcelona. Today, facing Barcelona, AC Milan is more difficult than the season. Star erosion is serious, serious injury, Balotelli is not eligible to play and Milan were forced by canzhen face the most powerful team. But the Rossoneri from the start of the game in accordance with the established game play, promote the process of everything in good order and well arranged. The first half of the match. Most of the time the AC Milan on the defensive, but that guarding is not to defend, but in the backcourt two lines protection coordination, frontcourt players waiting to counterattack. Sarah Vee Wapazzini won the opportunity to fight back, Boateng’s shot is the best opportunity to become the two sides in the first half. A battle down, Barcelona did not occupy any advantage, Milan is in transition to harvest enough confidence. In the second half, Milan strengthened the attack rhythm. Physical consumption Barcelona in dynamic Milan before a loss. AC Milan in fifty-sixth minutes by Boateng victory to open the door, as if Barcelona players were stunned, has not been able to come back to life. Race to 60 minutes, AC Milan began to take advantage of the scene, Barcelona have only 3 foot shot, and only 1 foot shot is the goal range, Milan goalkeeper Abbiati did not make any fight. After leading the Milan in accordance with the inherent rhythm playing the ball control, ball is not the pursuit of fast but accurate, rear guard line protection is still in place, rare vulnerability. Eighty-first points.

Chelsea discovered the strange law of the European Cup, the top 16 without exception all come true.

Chelsea discovered the strange law of the European Cup, the top 16 without exception all come true. With the Olympic Stadium in Kiev last recorded a whistle, colourful European Cup group match finally came under the curtain, and Chelsea player is fulfiled have to qualify for the quarter finals. When you look at Chelsea players in the European Cup group match results, you will the trend found incredibly with Chelsea this season, the situation is exactly the same! Start out, Chelsea League record is not good, fell out of the league, the Champions League is in the elimination of the edge, the road net swallow three balls. But after class Boas Chelsea, although the league made little progress, make only superficial changes, but the cup is steadily rising. Especially in the Champions League, reversal of Naples, ten draw with Barcelona, final magic reversal of Bayern Munich, cup Munich, can be described as extremes meet! Look at this year’s European Cup group match, the first round, all have the national team of Chelsea active players actually a very! First debut in the game against Russia in, the other 5 feet hit, was fed 4 goals, Czech is also an early loss of 1 then Meireles’s Portugal began to debut. In the group of death, and encounter rival Germany, without temperament was Gomes lore. Then it was the turn of group C, the defending champion Spain, Torres in the limited time off the bench, not only their own twice missed opportunity, the team is barely draw with Italy, earn draw. And in group D of Chelsea players John Terry, Ashley Cole and Florent Malouda not only first each rush and very understanding played a ratio of 1 to 1, let Chelsea players in the national team in the first round of numerous cycle continues. When Chelsea DiMatteo took over after get a break, cup scores soared. And the European Cup to the second round, with Chelsea active players in the national team as well as set the di Matteo’s victory halo, the Chelsea player in the second round of the European Cup results turned out to be the victory! Cech’s Czech luck is surprisingly good, early to get 2 goals ahead, three points back home. Meireles Portuguese has also been lucky goddess care, seeing Bendtner twice to tie, contest is about to come to an end, Varela a jumper, let the Portuguese had the last laugh. The Spanish Legion began to triumph, Torres was also the first striker centralizer. In the face of Ireland is twice against Shay fail to show restraint, guarded the door. In the legend of the he at Chelsea was encountered ball shortage is after coach Roberto Di Matteo, Torres in the face of Leicester City was appointed the first, and the game is may open two degrees! Look at England and the French team scored two, respectively, Sweden and Ukraine, the Chelsea players in the national team line soared red! However, the club’s magical experience is still being imitated, in the third round of the European Cup group match, all have the national team with Chelsea players actually have to qualify, the promotion rate of 100%! Life and death battle, Cech finally played the club level, escort Czech 8. While in the B group of another life and death battle, Meireles’s Portugal is also a counter attack in Holland, successfully qualify. And after Torres of Spain, in theory, once the Croatia goal, Spain at any time to eliminate the risk of. But at the last moment, Navas complete lore, ensure that the world cup winners!